Tuesday, September 14, 2010

oh hello there, i didn't notice you while i was sipping my mimosa. come on in, enjoy all that is Rez... be lovely with me, come on... be lovely with me. hopefully this site will get better as i become less lazy and more motivated to be professional. for now grab a wheel of cheese and some brandy and take the time to appreciate what Rez means to you....


"You'd better come armed with a sarcasm-proof poncho, or you'll get rained out Reza-style by sharp, quick-witted banter. Reza Asgari never fails to deliver a lively, honest, and outrageous performance. His fast paced style takes you on a ride through the deep, dark, and bizarre. When most people are casually observing, Reza is at the ready with a razor sharp pencil-of-the-weird to visually record the absurdity of human nature, so he can deliver it to you raw and uncensored." 
- Bren Alison of hysterical events

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